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As well as undertaking expert, professional repairs, iPhixx also offer a simple, stress free method of selling your device. We buy working and non-working phones, tablets and iPods, and will offer you a fair price for your device in under five minutes.

Find out more about our cash for phones program on this page, or fill in the form to get a personalized quotation to buy your device from you today.

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How Our Process Works

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If you want to sell your phone, simply fill in the form to get started. Tell us the make and model of your device, and any information you have about the problem, so that we can make a decision about the value. We offer cash for phones and tablets made by Apple, Samsung and more, soget in touch to see what your old device could be worth.

We Make You An Offer

When we receive your request to sell your phone or tablet, we’ll consider the market value of your device in order to calculate a quote. Taking into account any problems with operation or condition, we’ll make a fair offer to buy your phone or tablet from you. You can accept our offer or talk to our technicians to discuss the price you have been offered.

Get Paid

Owners of second hand phones in Ireland can bring their device to our shop to be paid instantly. Other device owners can make use of our swift, secure shipping service to get cash for phones online. As soon as we receive the device and verify the condition report, we’ll send the money to you via your preferred payment method instantly.

Sell My Phone or Tablet

Phones and tablets go out of date so quickly these days, what would have been an awesome device 12 months ago
is probably looking rather dated by now. With many mobile customers now on extended two year contracts, your once beloved phone can start to
feel like a bit of a ball and chain when you realise how out dated it has become.

We buy phones with:

  • Cracked screens
  • Smashed casing
  • Stuck buttons
  • Aerial failure
  • Water damage
  • Touchscreen failure
  • Charging issues
  • Battery failure
  • And more!

Should your phone become damaged or stop working for any reason, you’re now stuck paying out a contract which you can’t even use. Of course,
in many situations we can repair your phone, should you wish to do so, and at a very fair price too. But if you would rather cut your losses and invest in an upgrade, we can also buy your phone, working or not, from you instantly.

If your old phone has let you down, and you don’t want to shell out for a repair, talk to us about our cash for phones scheme to see
just how easy it is to turn your damaged device into cash for your next upgrade. Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page or give us a call to get a
fair quote for your device in under five minutes.

Cash for Phones in a flash

We specialize in the purchase of second hand phones in Ireland, and can also help you sell your phone if you are from other countries worldwide. Our technicians have the expertise to salvage parts from your device, or to refurbish tired or damaged devices, helping us to reduce the call for brand new parts and maintain a more ethical, environmentally friendly business.

For you, this means you can get cash for your phone or tablet, even if it’s no longer working. We’ll get you a fair price for your device in under five minutes, and will offer you more than many of the other phone reclamation services, because we understand the value of the parts.

In just a few moments, you’ll have an agreed price for that phone or tablet you thought was worthless. Subject to confirming the condition, you’ll have money in your pocket in an instant, helping you on the road to that upgrade you’ve been longing for.

Why Should I Sell My Phone to iPhixx

  • Ethical recycling

    If your device is obsolete or unrepairable, we can still salvage many useful materials and parts to use on other devices, reducing landfill and carbon footprints by recycling your device locally.

    Ethical recycling
  • Rapid cash for your next upgrade

    We buy phones online and can complete the transaction in person or by post. You’ll have cash in your pocket in no time, to put towards the cost of the device you really want.

    Rapid cash for your next upgrade
  • Our Inimitable Customer Service

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    Our Inimitable Customer Service
Whether you are looking to upgrade an old device, or have a damaged or non-functioning device you would rather replace than repair, iPhixx is your one stop shop for fast cash for phones and tablets.

Here are just a few reasons to choose us when you want to sell your phone:

From iPhones to Samsungs, if you have had enough of your device and are wondering “How can I sell my phone?” look no further than our fuss free, fair priced cash for phones service.


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