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Common faults & repairs

Our professional technicians for phone repair in Dublin have seen all manner of phone issues. From charging port issues in Plymouth to iPhone screen replacement in Wexford, our skilled technicians can handle all manner of problems, and get them fixed in no time.

Power buttons frequently become jammed or stuck, and can sometimes fall out completely from the device. Our phone repair technicians will replace or refurbish the button to get it working well again.

Screens are probably the most common phone repair our Dublin technicians have to deal with. Chips, cracks and full on smashes are common, leaving the owner of the device with no way to use it. Thankfully our iPhone screen repair in Ireland services are fast, stress free and super successful.

Whether a Samsung phone or some other make, getting water into your device can be a disaster. From minor splashes to extended submerging, water damage can cause all sorts of malfunctions and strange behaviour. Our technicians will do their best to salvage all working parts, and to replace those components which are damaged beyond repair.

If people can’t hear you when you’re speaking on the phone, chances are your microphone is damaged. If you are no longer able to listen on loudspeaker, we can put in a new one for you.

Multi-function charging ports take a fair bit of abuse in their lives. Pulling, pushing, twisting and yanking can all take their toll on the port over time, leading to failures to connect to PC’s via the port, or failures to charge from the mains.

A failed battery in a Samsung phone is often a quick repair, thanks to the removable and replaceable battery inside. In an iPhone, however, this is not quite as simple. The fixed battery means that a failure will require professional input in order to put it right. Talk to us about iPhone repair in Ireland today.

The home button is probably the most well used button on any iPhone or Samsung device. Over time, this button can become loose or sticky, or could simply stop functioning altogether. Our services for iPhone repair in Wexford can effectively replace or refurbish this essential button, in order to get your phone working well again.

Many of us rely on our phone cameras to do all our pointing and shooting day to day. If your camera has stopped functioning properly, you’ll no doubt be feeling lost without this functionality. Our services for Samsung and iPhone repair in Dublin can investigate the cause of your problem, taking appropriate steps to rectify the issue in a cost effective manner.

Why Are iPhixx The Leading Choice For Repairs?

If you need iPhone repair in Wexford or nearby, you are welcome to bring your device to our workshop. Here, we can repair your phone while you wait, usually bringing it back to life in well under an hour. Simply grab a coffee and relax, and enjoy a faster, more professional service for phone repair in Ireland.

All our repairs and refurbishments are covered by a solid 12 months guarantee. All replacement parts we use are certified as being fit for purpose, and are guaranteed to be good for at least a year after they’ve been fitted. Should you encounter any problems with the work we’ve done, simply get in touch and we’ll rectify the problem at no further cost to you.

For cheap iPhone repair in Ireland or other locations further afield, it may not be convenient to bring your device to us in person. In this situation, you can still make use of our expert repairs service thanks to our collection and return facility. Using fast worldwide delivery and return, we can collect your device from your home or work and return it to you in just a couple of days, fully working and guaranteed.

To get started, simply fill in the form at the top of this page and we’ll get in touch to let you know what to do next. We’ll always advise the fastest route to phone recovery, whether that involves replacing a part, refurbishing an existing component or performing a professional repair. Don’t panic if your device is not working today; simply get in touch with iPhixx and see how cheap and easy it can be to fix your problems for good.